WordPress Mobile Pack is a mobile plugin that helps you transform your WordPress-based content into a Progressive Web Application. It comes with multiple mobile app themes and extensions that you can purchase individually or as a bundle.

WordPress Mobile Pack comes in two flavors: the FREE one available on repository that has ~1,000,000 downloads and the PRO version accessible at

The Benefits of Using WordPress Mobile Pack


Reach and engage your mobile users by choosing a customizable mobile app theme with a native app-like look & feel. Check out our collection of mobile app themes: OBLIQ, PALM, PHANTOM, EXTRUDE, POPSICLE, GHOST, INVISION, BLEND, FUTURE, LUCID, BASE, MOSAIC, ELEVATE, FOLIO, VEDI, FOTOLIA, PULSE, PURE, GOTHAM.


Once a favorite app theme has been selected, you can customize the colors & fonts, add your logo and graphic elements that can relate to your website's identity.


Simply download and install it, just like you would do with any other WordPress plugin. The dashboard is user-friendly and all the technical aspects are already taken care of behind the scenes.


We take pride in offering fantastic WP Mobile Pack PRO maintenance and hands-on support. Our team of friendly WordPress experts makes sure technology doesn't stand in your way.

Quick Start with WordPress Mobile Pack PRO

App Customization in WordPress Mobile Pack PRO

Monetize Your App with WordPress Mobile Pack PRO

WordPress Mobile Pack PRO Features

Rich UI/UX

Social Sharing

User can have an app-like experience on their favorite mobile device without having to go to an App Store and install anything.

Your users will be able to easily share your mobile web application through their favorite social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.


Google AMP Support

Automatically translate your progressive web app in one of the supported languages: Chinese (zh_CN), Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Spanish or Swedish.

Integrate with the official Google Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

Posts/Pages/Comments Sync

Google Analytics Integration

The articles/posts inside the progressive web application are organized into their corresponding categories, thus readers can simply swipe through articles and jump from category to category in a seamless way.

Get to know your mobile users and analyze your impact with our powerful yet simple reader-centric analytics.

DoubleClick for Publishers Integration

Add to Homescreen

Since progressive web apps don't have any shared revenue constraints, you can take full control of your income by integrating with Google DFP.

Users can add your progressive web application to their homescreens making it just a tap away.

Mobile SEO Support

Web Push Notifications

Optimized for search engines: parallel URL structure, use of mobile switchboard tags,, rich snippets and rich cards.

Web push notifications make it easy to re-engage with users by showing relevant, timely, and contextual notifications, even when the browser is closed.

Offline Mode Capability

Package for App Stores

Internet connections can be flaky or non-existent on the go. Enhance your mobile apps with service workers to work offline or on low-quality networks.

By bringing forth the latest Web technology we're able to provide you with the option (not the obligation!) of publishing your mobile applications on App Stores (iTunes, Google Play).

More details about each feature are provided throughout this documentation.

About this documentation

Our documentation provides everything you need to get started with WordPress Mobile Pack. You will find tutorials and guides, but also information about our premium version, mobile app themes, and extensions. Please use the navigation menu on the left to access the content of our documentation.

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Developer Resources

For those of you interested in more in-depth technical details and the ability to extend WordPress Mobile Pack and its progressive web app themes to accommodate various use cases, you can check out

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