Navigate to WP Mobile Pack > Content to manage your Categories & Pages.

1. Categories

Choose what categories to be displayed in your progressive web application. Click on the rows to show/hide categories and order them by dragging the corresponding row on the desired position.

By default, the newest post's image is displayed in the progressive web application for each category. You can change this behavior by adding your own image for one or more categories.

The image will be displayed in the progressive web application (categories menu). Editing the content from this section will not change your desktop category settings.

In addition, you can disable a certain category by clicking the green button labeled active . Once you confirm the prompt: "Are you sure you want to change the status for this category?" it will be marked red and inactive. This means that the disabled category will not be displayed in the progressive web application. Again, this will not affect how your categories are behaving in the desktop theme.

2. Pages

Decide what pages you want to display on your progressive web application. You can edit, show or hide different pages. The page order can be set from Pages available in the WordPress administrative panel. Please note that deactivating a parent page will also hide its child pages on the mobile app theme.

By editing a certain page you'll, in fact, create a copy of the desktop version (which will remain unaltered for your desktop users). The new page (with the edited content) will be available only for your mobile users in the mobile app theme you've previously selected.

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